Solar installers in NSW, Qld, Vic and SA raided their work sheds and warehouses in search of pv modules, inverters, regulators, cables and circuit breakers to donate to the cause and are packing equipment for shipping to the collection point.  Cash donations have also been offered to cover the cost of freight and shipping.

RF Industries have generously provided not only warehouse storage but also offered to assist with packing the equipment for loading into containers.


Feedback from Vanuatu Government has shown a need for this equipment in the reconstruction of health clinics and schools. One month after Cyclone Pamhelp is still urgently needed. The Category Five cyclone was one of the worst storms to ever hit the region. It is estimated that 166,000 people have been affected, and between 50-90% of infrastructure destroyed.

Printed media as well as ABC Radio and NBN television showed an interest in our Vanuatu project but much more awareness as well as equipment needs to be raised..

We need your help to help Vanuatu. For donating equipment please Cash donations will all be used to cover freight and shipping costs, please reference your payment with your business name and the letter “V” for Vanuatu, a receipt will be issued.