Other organisations have come to the forefront, offering assistance to SEIA to realize the donations of solar equipment to Vanuatu.

The Ratua Foundation in Vanuatu assisted with very important contacts, people with a solar engineer background and a very thorough understanding of the areas of need, requirements for delivery to those points and details of equipment needed.

Greenpeace contacted SEIA, offering 2 free 20ft containers to be shipped to Vanuatu on the Rainbow Warrier “at no cost” but timing was unfortunate due to a “little stumbling block of Import Tax” while the ship is leaving within a fortnight.

“Greenpeace has been great”, said Rob Taber, initiator of the “Australian Solar Muster for Vanuatu”. “While we were not able to take up their offer this time they generously agreed to go to the Government of Vanuatu in order to get contacts and information about import tax excemption. We are very grateful for their assistance.

In the meantime first donations have been shipped to our collection point in Sydney. Our first installation kit is complete, panels are rolling in but still a long way to go to fill a container.

If you can help and have obsolete stock, please contact us NOW.

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