Grid Connect

Become your own mini-power station with Grid Connected Solar Power

Help climate change by preventing greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere by powering part or all of your home with a clean, green, renewable energy.


How it Works

Solar Panels are mounted on your roof and then convert sunlight into DC electricity, this DC electricity then runs through an inverter that changes it from DC electricity to AC electricity the same as the power coming from the Grid (street).

Gross Feed In

All the power produced from your solar power system is producing is transferred back into the grid which your account will be credited per kWhr for, you then use power from the grid in the same way you always have, being charged in the same way from your Energy Retailer as you always have, you then pay your Energy Retailer the difference or if you are in credit, the credit will remain on your account.

Nett Feed In

The power from your Solar Power System is used in your house to power any loads that you have running, if there is not enough power being produced by your Solar Power System the shortfall is supplied from the Grid working in conjunction with your Solar Power System, if there is too much power being produced by your Solar Power System the excess is transferred back into the grid, which your electricity supplier will pay you for.

Note: Feed in Tariff’s vary from State to State check out the Government Schemes page for what is available in your State.


The Benefits of Solar Grid-Connected Power


Solar electricity is a true renewable energy, it is a clean alternative power source that reduces your reliance on coal fired power stations and in turn preventing greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. A solar power system can also help you meet new building energy efficiency standards in new homes.


A Solar power system is a financial investment that will reduce your electricity costs, it provides a fixed generation cost for the portion of your power requirements that the system produces. Electricity costs are rising every year so the more power you can produce at a fixed cost the better of you are going to be.

Installing a solar power system adds value to your home and is becoming a selling point when your home is up for sale.

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