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Phone: +61 3 8797 5557
Head Office/Factory:
2 Koornang Road
Scoresby, VIC, 3179

Location: Bullo River Station, Timber Creek, NT
System: 100kW Solar PV, 330kW battery storage and 120kW 3 phase battery inverter
Installer: Territory Solar Solutions
Location: Moora Moora Co-operatative Community, Mt Toolebewong, Victoria
System: 80kWh battery storage and 30kW 3 phase battery inverters
Installer: SolarQuip

PowerPlus Energy

Founded in August 2017, PowerPlus Energy designs and manufactures easy-to-use, easy-to-install, reliable and long-lasting energy storage.

Over the years we have grown consistently and currently have 67 staff members. With extensive industry experience in areas such as battery storage, renewable energy, UPS and engineering, it’s safe to say we love our job and supporting renewable projects.

In-house design and engineering are integral to PowerPlus Energy. We can ensure superior results because we’re committed to creating proven and tested products which are quality controlled at every step. All products go through numerous checks throughout the manufacturing process; from crimping and soldering through to the final charge and discharge testing of each battery. Therefore, we always have confidence that our products will perform with excellence out in the field.

Importantly, our BESS systems, batteries and cabinet enclosures are all manufactured in Melbourne. With local support and quality, not only do you get a reliable product to power your projects but one that’s safe and designed to simplify everyone’s job. Also know that PowerPlus Energy is here to stay, so you’ll have support for years to come.

The latest additions to our products are our fully integrated, Australian-made BESS systems, designed for modularity and scalability for medium to large-scale projects. Equipped with our newest LiFe4838P premium battery, they offer a 15% increased capacity. For the latest info and technical specifications, please visit our Products page

As a fast-growing company, we are always looking out for the right people to join our team. Would you like to be a part of a growing family that supports, nurtures and encourages growth? Visit our Careers page to find out more

One of our joys is creating and maintaining relationships with our customers, suppliers, distributors and alike. We have an experienced technical support team who are passionate about renewable energy and will help find the right solution for your needs. Our team is based across Australia to be best positioned to assist where needed.

All our products are supported in-house, with installer training and extensive documentation. Pre and post-sales technical support are available for all projects and tenders. When you invest in PowerPlus Energy you gain access to our knowledge and ongoing support. We would love to hear from you if you have a technical question or maybe just want to say hello.