Solar Cities

Australia’s Solar Cities are AdelaideAlice SpringsBlacktownCentral VictoriaMorelandPerth and Townsville.

Each Solar City will integrate a unique combination of energy options such as energy efficiency measures for homes and businesses, the use of solar technologies, cost reflective pricing trials to reward people who use energy wisely, and community education about better energy usage in an increasingly energy-reliant world.

The information will be analysed to see how different members of a community can best reduce energy consumption, and how governments, industries and individuals can support wise energy use. In particular, the program aims to:

  • Demonstrate the environmental and economic effects of combining cost reflective pricing with the widespread use of solar technology, energy efficiency and smart meters
  • Find out what barriers exist regarding energy efficiency, electricity demand management and the use of solar technology, among businesses and householders in different parts of Australia, and test ways to deal with these barriers.

Solar Cities’ consortia in each location are working with industry, businesses and their local communities to rethink the way they produce and use energy.

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