It’s this time of the year again

Come and join us at the ONLY NSW Solar Conference

on 18 March 2016 at Rowers on Cooks River (formerly St George Rowing Club) 1 Levey St, Wolli Creek.

This year we offer 2 events at an incredible member price of $210:

Working with Heights Certificate (limited to 12 places) on 17 March 2016

FREE entry to the 2016 SEIA NSW Annual Solar Installers’ Meeting (limited to 100 places) on 18 March 2016

Make the most of time away from work and combine your attendance at this year’s Annual NSW Solar Installers’ Meeting with the opportunity to gain your “Working at Heights” Certificate at the same venue.

The one day meeting, which will feature a wide range of technical and regulatory topics that affect installers, has plenty of hands-on sessions. Installers’ question time has been incorporated to ensure value for money in what will no doubt be an engaging and productive day for SEIA members and non-members.

What we have in store for you:

  • Industry Snapshot and Directions– Where is our industry headed as we enter a new era of game changing technologies and products being released. What changes will businesses need to take to meet the future needs of solar consumers and what new markets are likely to be opening up in the short to medium future.
  • Sunvertech–  A new inverter system, manufactured in Australia, which is distributed across a solar array, but not using micro-inverters or DC optimisers. This approach to converting DC to AC revolves around small devices connected to each DC source (eg solar modules), alleviating the need for a traditional inverter. Gain an understanding of this new technology, and the ramifications it may have for solar installs into the future.
  • The closure of the Solar Bonus Scheme– find out what’s going to happen when the scheme closes, what metering options will be available, how will energy retailers deal with it, will smart meters be the replacement, will there be any rule changes?
  • CER Updates– Audit results – how much is being audited, what are the results and are there specific offenders that the CER is targeting. What is the auditing program for the future?
  • AS/NZS 4777.1 revision– this will replace the current AS 4777. what the changes are and how they will affect you. There has been extensive review of this Standard to cater for the changes in AS/NZS 3000 and AS/NZS 5033 requirements, including the requirement to comply with IEC Standards for inverters complying with the IEC 62109 series and significant innovation in the areas of multiple mode inverter energy systems.
  • Consumer law– product liability, contracts and risk management, these are legal issues that can cripple a small business. How can you protect yourself and your business, what does the law require of you?
  • Installation guidelines 2016– there have been many changes to the guidelines, are you up-to-date?
  • PID in the field– is PVleakage due to isolation of component or pid of panel? Find out the path how to identify the reason.
  • Peer to Peer Energy Trading or Local Energy Creditsas it is alsoknown. Find out the details of the concepts and the rule change request proposed by the City of Sydney.
  • CEC Retail Code of Conduct– what is it, how is it enforced and under what circumstances does CEC take action?
  •  Business ethics discussion– in an ever decreasing market share due to increased competition where do business ethics fit in? Subcontractors working at low fixed prices, overnight door sales and installations done by companies from far away, low quality products and poor installations allow for cheap systems. How can you differentiate yourself, what steps can you take to be more competitive, at what point do you let the sale go?
  • Lead -Acid Batteries– Discussion on different technologies: Flooded & VRLA(AGM & GEL), cyclic & standby, flat & tubular plate & different grid alloys. Understanding basic chemistry, specific gravity and modes of failure, and cycle life graphs – they’re not all the same
  • Open Forum– issues and concerns that affect installers and the solar industry.

All meals are included in the entry fee of $100

Free entry for members and up to 3 free tickets for silver and gold members (eligibility criteria applies).

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