Nigel Morris – Business Development Director – Solar Analytics

Nigel Morris has been involved in the solar industry for more than 25 years in almost every aspect  including manufacturing, installing, selling and designing solar, monitoring and storage systems around the world.

Prior to joining Solar Analytics he was: – Chief Executive Officer of RoofJuice, a premium solar retailer – Founded Solar Business Services acting as a consultant, analyst, industry advisor and business coach –He was a senior manager at BP Solar for almost twelve years as well as a director, installer and salesperson at a medium sized solar company . He is a prolific blogger, sits on a number of advisory boards in the solar industry and is a proud solar citizen and electric motorcycle owner.

Digitization of Solar – How software is being used to help solar owners and solar retailers

Solar used to be all about hardware. But increasingly, software is becoming the key to success through remote control and enhanced transparency. As margins shrink, solar retailers need to find ways to drive increased efficiency, simpler customer service and better targeting. Nigel Morris will describe how the digitization of energy is transforming solar.

Justin Skaines, Belec&BlecEng (Hons)., Energy Storage Manager,  R & J Batteries

Justin has been working in the battery industry for 22 years. Specialising in the renewable energy sector since 2006. He has held a design and installation accreditation which is currently deferred. Working full-time with R & J Batteries heading up the Renewable Energy division with a specific interest in the BAE product from Berlin Germany.

Lead Acid, Lithium and Hydrogen Batteries Design & installation differences

Different chemistries and characteristics of 1. lead, 2. lithium. 3. hydrogen with information on Lavo and how it compares to established technologies.

David Shirley, MSc, BSc Eng. Product Manager, Selectronic

David was a Director of Engineering for Global Project Business at Clenergy, being responsible for planning the business development and EPC in renewable solar farms in Australia, adhering to Australian standards, as well as developing overseas projects. Former founding member and Production/Development Engineering Manager at RayGen Resources Pty Ltd. He also owned and managed a small solar installer company operating in residential and commercial space across Australia, which included off-grid battery systems, deployed from 2010 onwards. He has a Masters in Engineering in Renewable Energy (MSc Eng.) from RMIT University and a Bachelor in Robotics (BSc Eng.) from Swinburne University. He is a hands-on mechatronics engineering manager in pursuit of innovation and science.

The Impact of AS4777.2.2020 on battery inverters

Understanding differences between AS4777-2015 vs. -2020 including impacts on inverter manufacturers’ as well as installers. Wider implications around grid and inverter performance, highlighting key changes and considerations. Response times of battery systems. Export limiting. Grid voltage window and inverter choice impacts on LCOE and much more.

Craig Hunter,  Product Manager, PowerPlus Energy

A Renewable Energy Professional with 24 years Solar and Battery Storage experience, he has an enjoyment for learning and strives to have sound knowledge of products, applications and market dynamics. Craig has demonstrated expertise in Battery Storage, Management, Business Development and Sales, with strong skills in developing an maintaining relationships. He is a firm believer in making choices that will benefit long term sustainable outcomes, reducing living costs and impacts on the environments around us.

Lithium Battery fires, risks and mitigation

Find out more about home storage battery fires, Lithium chemistries and Battery constructions types and their fire risks. Putting out a lithium fire and how to prevent fires with Best Practice installations.

Scott Young – Co-Founder and Sales and Marketing Manager – CATCH Power

Scott has been in the renewable energy industry for more than 23 years.  He is co-founder of CATCH Power and has been helping solar businesses and their customer find solutions to increase self-consumption of PV energy.  CATCH Power are now looking at ways to match the control of loads, output of solar inverters, and network wide co-ordination to help the rush to the energy transition that is needed.

How to Lift the “Silicon Ceiling” of Grid-Connected Solar

The renewable energy industry is subjected constant constraint and limitation, but this won’t get us to the energy transition that is needed.  What has to happen to lift the lid on unlimited solar being installed into our grid? What tools or technology can be deployed to speed up the energy transition and allow for more solar to be deployed into the grid?

Bradley Paton, Chief Executive Officer – PowerPlus Energy

Bradley started his 34 year journey in energy storage providing AC and DC power quality and back up solutions in the late 80’s.

During the 90’s trading as Powerplus Solutions, Bradley built a business representing companies providing UPS, DC power systems, surge and lightning protection for 26 years, representing M+H Power (indoctrinated regarding batteries and solar by Mark Scupham and David Petrie), Chloride Power Electronics ( Purchased by Emmerson ), Alpha Power Systems, Alpha Technologies (Cordex), Eaton, Enatel, Critec and Novaris. Bradley specialised in power quality and back up systems for industrial and remote applications.

Early work in 2015 with Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries manufactured overseas led to Powerplus Energy being formed in 2017 to manufacture modular LFP batteries in Australia. Powerplus Energy is now based in their 4000m2 manufacturing facility in Bayswater Victoria employing 55 staff. Importing high grade LFP cells and using Australian materials, Powerplus Energy has sold 29,000 batteries to Australian and export customers.

Battery Management Systems and Lithium Batteries

A discussion on the role of a battery management systems (BMS) in lithium batteries, looking at the application of managed and self managed BMS’s and the impact on design, application and support for renewable energy storage solutions.

This session will provide a better understanding of how lithium battery systems work and the way that BMS systems integrate with different PCE to be able to design the right solution to match the end users requirements.

Thomas Bywater – Electrician, CEC Accredited Installer + PV Engineer , Senior Sales Manager – Australia & NZ Distribution – Jinko

Thomas Bywater is an engineer working for Jinko Solar in Sydney. Over the last decade in solar, Thomas has worked across the value chain as an installer, project engineer, wholesale rep and now for a manufacturer. His career highlight is eating hotpot with Shi Zhengrong.

The Gold Standard : Advantages and Practical Considerations for AS5033:2021

From Changes to DC Isolator Requirements, Wiring Strategies, Identifying & Locating Disconnection Points to MC4 Considerations, Labeling and Changes to Scope + Voltage this session will look at the practical considerations when installing solar.

Rick Brazzale, BComm, MBA – Managing Director, Green Energy Trading

 Ric Brazzale is the Managing Director of Green Energy Trading and has more than 30 years’ experience in the energy sector.

Prior to establishing Green Energy Trading in 2007, Ric was the Executive Director of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE), now the Clean Energy Council, and a leading advocate for renewable energy and energy efficiency markets in Australia. During this time, Ric was actively involved in the development and implementation of a broad range of solar energy and energy efficiency policies and programs, including participating on the Government’s initial REC Advisory Committee.

Before joining the BCSE, Ric worked in a number of business development and finance roles with large publicly listed companies, including Fletcher Challenge Energy, John Holland and Woodside Petroleum.

Update on the Solar market and changes to the SRES taking place

Once again Rick will provide us with an Industry Snapshot and Directions before filling us in about the changes to the SRES in detail and implications for compliance.

Robert Wilson – Product Development Manager Demand & Energy Management – Ergon Energy Network | Energex

Marketing and product management professional with over 30 years experience across a range of industries including Publishing, Telecommunications and Energy.
Rob has been employed with Energy Qld for 12 years and is responsible for new network product development focused on demand management and associated network issues. Areas of focus are Electric Vehicles and Home Energy Management Systems. A core platform being the EV SmartCharge research program to better understand EV charging behaviours, network impacts and EV owner experiences.

 Market Delivered Demand Response Pilot project

Come and listen to Energy Qld and find out more about the project and its opportunities for solar installers

Max Enfield – Owner and Technical Director- Boutique Power

He is the owner and Technical Director of Boutique Power, a renewable energy business specialising in off-grid solar, small micro-grids and solar water pumping; operating throughout Far North Qld. and into Torres Strait and off-shore islands including Lizard Island and Norfolk Island.

Max is a pioneer in the solar industry having been involved full time since 1989 and was one of only the second batch of solar installers to become accredited early in 1997. He is currently the Chairman of SEIA Qld, a member of the International Solar Energy Society, the Australian Computer Society, Engineers Australia and holds a Qld Electrical Contractors Licence. He has previously been a member of the Clean Energy Council’s installer reference group.

How to increase battery capacity of an off-grid system using lead acid batteries by adding a lithium-ion BESS

This is a case study that shows how an off-grid system with a lead acid battery can have its battery capacity increased by adding lithium-ion storage, with management of the two battery banks controlled by exploiting what is known as active frequency control.

While this case study has unique features that are not generally applicable, it does point to one way in which existing off-grid systems with lead acid batteries can increase storage by the addition of an independently managed lithium-ion battery energy storage system.

Blair Pester WINAICO

Blair Pester – ASIA Pacific Sales Manager- WINAICO

Blair is the founder of WINAICO Australia Pty Ltd, a high quality PV manufacturer distributing directly within Australia, and a subsidiary of WIN WIN Precision Technology in Taiwan.

His previous work in electronics engineering has seen him work on efficiency and accuracy in state of the art electronic devices. His experience in the semiconductor field led him to the Solar PV industry where his technical background means that he chooses to work only with the highest quality products.

Blair’s passion for quality and building meaningful partnerships is one he shares with WINAICO. He believes in making a difference in the world and has thoroughly enjoyed bringing WINAICO to Australia and developing the family.

Quality assurance and Failure Analysis in Photovoltaic Systems using Thermal Cameras

Not every thermal imaging camera is suited for solar cell inspection, and there are some rules and guidelines that need to be followed in order to perform efficient inspections and to ensure that you draw correct conclusions. Attend for a detailed overview and practical demonstration of how to get it right.

Solar Installers- Your Conference, your forum, your say

What is happening in our industry? This is your opportunity to tell us your needs, your likes, your discontentment.

Have your say. What is happening in our industry? What are your experiences? Our industry is becoming over regulated and drowned with regulatory requirements that are impacting on the actual business operation. What actions need to be taken to improve this situation while satisfying all regulatory bodies?