“While many Queenslanders are still suffering one thing is clear, extreme weather patterns are part of the climate change pattern” said Ged McCarthy Chairman of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

“Doesn’t it seem a horrible contradiction for Prime Minister Gillard to help fund the Queensland flood levy with $500 million earmarked for renewable energy, aren’t we trying to reverse climate change?” asked Mr McCarthy.


Mr McCarthy will today meet with key independent and member of the Gillard multi-party on climate change, Rob Oakeshott, seeking his support as a “solar champion”.

“We hear report after report about sky-rocketing energy prices, some reports even blame the renewable energy sector, what is rarely reported is the billions of taxpayers money spent on subsidies to the coal industry, 15 times the subsidies are dished out to coal fired power than the renewable sector.” said Mr McCarthy

“Coal fired power is not only costing us the earth, now it is invading a families lifestyle, it is not a sustainable energy source, regardless of how reliant governments have made us upon it” said Mr McCarthy

Soon after becoming Climate Change Minister, Greg Combet remarked about coal subsidies by saying

“You don’t take the back of the axe to the fundamentals of the Australian economy.”

We know Independent Rob Oakeshott cares about climate change and is willing to ask the hard questions. The Solar Energy Industries Association is hoping Mr Oakeshott will become a solar champion and help Australian families reduce their energy costs while taking real steps to reduce carbon emissions and halt climate change.” said Mr McCarthy.

Contact:    Ged McCarthy 0448 393 071     0408 21 02 73 (Justine Caines)