Yesterday Julia Gillard said “I promise you no responsible decision-maker will be able to say next year that they need more time or more information on climate change. In 2011 there will be nowhere to hide.”

Chairman of the Solar Energy Industries Association, Ged McCarthy wonders if the Prime Minister is being kept in the dark on climate change.

“This is not a Climate Change Committee it is a front for a price on carbon. I fear the committee has been established to rubber stamp -a Carbon Price.” said Mr McCarthy


“A price on carbon doesn’t achieve anything for Climate Change – the big polluters can afford it, and will always pass the price on to their consumers. A Carbon Price will just drive up prices of electricity, fuel, food etc and hurt Julia’s Aussie battlers.” said Mr McCarthy

“At the same time Tony Abbott is fighting tooth and nail against a Carbon Price but the Prime Minister is right, he doesn’t come out with a viable alternative, Tony is simply ‘playing politics’” said Mr McCarthy

“Surely a practical blueprint to establish long term policy on renewable energy, in particular solar power is essential” said Mr McCarthy.

“The Non- Government organisation group is heavily laden with unions and social service groups but where are the groups with the practical expertise in the renewable energy sector?” asked Mr McCarthy

Julia Gillard also said yesterday
“I think we need our business community to channel some of that spirit into Australia and to talk about the prospects for jobs and our future of this low-pollution economy.”

“If that’s the case then the PM must include renewable industry representatives on the ground now, and commit to a national feed in tariff for renewable energy. No one in the solar industry can plan from one year to the next, with populist policy and regular back-flips. Now we need vision and clear policy.” said Mr McCarthy.