As many of you may recall, shipping to Vanuatu as well as getting the goods and volunteers from the main island of Efate to Tongoa has been one of our biggest headaches; very costly, time consuming, at times frustrating and a big learning curve for all involved.

At a time of great need help arrived from a completely unexpected source:

Working Options, a not-for-profit organisation that not only helps disadvantaged people into training/employment but also assists other worthwhile causes through their charity program.

Having heard about our non-existent cash and the need to pay for shipping and transports Working Options donated $15,000 towards our cause, the biggest cash donation received to date, thank you. This will also allow us to cover basic accommodation, meals and transport from Port Vila to Tongoa for our Volunteers who will be staying on a very isolated island while installing the systems.

Thank you, Working Options, we would not be close to shipping if it hadn’t been for your generous donation.

If you can help in any way, please contact us NOW.

Help us to help the people of Vanuatu, contact

Thank you, we are looking forward to hearing from you.