The Draft Standards recommend Rooftop Isolators to be continued with improved design and installation practices.
If you disagree, please read below and act:

SEIA’s aim is to reflect the common view & interests of solar installers. Please read below our intended comment to the Draft Standards:

SEIA is an association that represents Australian solar installers.
Installers are concerned that continued use of Rooftop Isolators (RTIs) may breach their duty of care.
We do not believe that EL42 has made a strong, evidence based case for the continuation of the use of RTIs. In the context of widespread failures of rooftop isolators, solar installers need to be convinced that the benefits from their continued use outweigh the risks of installing them.
Until this can be publicly demonstrated, we recommend that the draft revisions to AS/NZ5033 be reconsidered, and the use of RTIs be made optional.

If you agree, please send an email with the words “I agree – your Name & Accreditation Number” by 13 March 2018 c.o.b. to admin@seia.org.au
We will add a list of installers that agree to our submission.
Online copies of the Draft Standards are available via SAI global (see Amendment 1, Clause 1.3 and thereafter)