Rooftop Isolators must go

SEIA is an association that represents its members, Australian Solar Installers.

Once again SEIA will be lobbying the Standards Committee to remove Rooftop Isolators from the AS/NZ 5033 Standards due to their fire hazard and being an inferior product to other alternatives.

Rooftop Isolators are a fire risk
Rooftop Isolators are an electrical risk
Rooftop Isolators have a shorter life than PV arrays
Rooftop Isolators fail often
Rooftop Isolators have caused fires
Rooftop Isolators are not being used in New Zealand and no fires have been recorded in New Zealand due to Solar Panels in the roof
Rooftop Isolators are not being used anywhere else in the world
There are better alternatives than Rooftop Isolators

As in our previous media releases SEIA does not believe that EL42 committee had or has a strong, evidence-based case for the continued use of RTIs.

SEIA requests to remove the RTIs from the Standards or provide the option to use better alternative products.

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