Well known Solar Supply Companies and Manufacturers supporting Vanuatu

The last few weeks major solar supply companies and manufacturers have donated goods in support of our Vanuatu project, filling the gaps of needed equipment and allowing us to get close to shipping:

Selectronic– a SPPro and an ABB Inverter, needed for our biggest project, a college in East Ambae, incredibly generous.

GNB Industrial Power– were the first to donate 4 big sealed batteries, they will get us started on Tongoa.

Latronics– Latronics have immediately come on board when approached and donated 3 inverters going into schools on Tongoa, our first projects to be undertaken.

R & J Batteries and BAE– the biggest battery donation, allowing us to complete all of our Vanuatu projects.These BAE tubular positive gel cells are premium quality built in Berlin Germany for reliable power for years to come and absolutely needed for such an environment.

TLE Electrical– all these little bits and pieces needed to complete a system add up really fast, depleting our funds at an alarming rate and thanks to TLE Electrical’s generosity we are now at 99% completion to load the container.

Our list of companies donating is getting longer and longer, please take a moment to check out the generosity and Australian spirit of giving in the sidebars,

Volunteers are on stand-by, waiting to get the start sign as all is now pending on the last 2 deliveries to RFI and the container being cleared by custom in Port Vila.

Once we are in Vanuatu, don’t miss to visit our website daily to view our progress and see your donations taking place.If you can help in any way, please contact us NOW.

Help us to help the people of Vanuatu, contact admin@seia.org.au

Thank you, we are looking forward to hearing from you.