On Friday, Chairman of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Mr Ged McCarthy met with key independent and member for New England, Tony Windsor. They discussed the renewable energy industry and in particular solar power.

“It was great that just after getting back from a busy sitting period in Canberra, Tony met with us at short notice. This is a good sign that he is supportive of renewable energy, in particular solar power.” said Mr McCarthy.

One of our key concerns is the feed-in tariff. NSW has just reduced its tariff from 60 cents/kilowatt hour to 20 cents. In comparison the ACT offers 45 cents. Anyone installing solar in NSW in the future will actually be penalised. Kristina Keneally’s decision actively benefits dirty coal-fired power.” said Mr McCarthy

“We discussed the importance of a national gross feed-in tariff and the need for some clear long term policy for the solar industry. No-one can operate with boom and bust cycles and knee jerk policy decisions.” said Mr McCarthy

Rob Oakeshott is also very important and SEIA has requested a meeting with him.

“Rob must be a visionary because he actually introduced a bill into the Parliament to standardise feed in tariffs across Australia in 2009, sadly it was not passed.” said Mr McCarthy

“Times have indeed changed and with both Mr Windsor and Oakeshott members of the newly formed multi-party Climate Change Committee (chaired by Julia Gillard) I believe we are about to see some real action.” said Mr McCarthy

The future of solar looks very bright indeed not only does our local member understand the importance of renewable energy, Wauchope resident Ged McCarthy is also the Chairman of the national body in the unique position of representing all solar industry players; from installers and manufacturers to importers researchers and inventors.

“I look forward to providing Mr Oakeshott with expert advice gathered from 15 years in the industry. From Bankstown to Birdsville, solar power is the answer to a clean energy future for Australia ” said Mr McCarthy