2016 Qld Annual Solar Installers’ Meeting

Join us for our second annual solar installers’ conference in tropical Queensland.

No Sales Presentations, all sessions practical, hands-on and relevant. A day filled with presentations from industry experts, focussing on key issues that effect installers in today’s marketplace.

WHEN:12 August 2016

WHERE: Townsville Motor Boat & Yacht Club, 1 Plume St, TOWNSVILLE

COSTS:$50 incl. all meals

ONLY 5 seats left

The one day event, which will feature a wide range of technical and regulatory topics that affect installers, has been applied for 50 CPD points. There will be plenty of hands-on sessions and installers’ question time has been incorporated to ensure value for money in what will no doubt be an engaging and productive day for installers.

The sessions have been put together by solar installers for solar installers providing you with information that arerelevant to you, no sales presentations.

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Lithium Batteries & Energy Storage Systems – What products are out there and what do I need to know? Also a wholesaler’s perspective on storage solutions – Q&A

Solar Industry Snapshot of the shift in directions of the Australian and Global PV Industries and the likely outcomes.  With every shift manufacturers need to adapt, and this session will discuss their technologies in response. Q&A

Energy from batteries – Lead Acid Everything you need to know about batteries and more, charging/discharging, temperature, different cycle tests, state of charge, open circuit voltage, your questions will be answered here – Q & A

Saltwater batteries – An environmentally friendly and safe option. How do they perform, what are the advantages and disadvantages. Q&A

Network issues for PV installations – Get the latest update on what’s happening at the networks, how does it affect you and your customers, installer issues like for like inverter replacements and inverter approval list, expanding network/solar installer communication and more. Q&A

New Installation Guidelines – Installers not only need to meet the Standards but also the recently released new Installation Guidelines. A look at some of the changes – Q&A

Inverters – what are the options? Which approach suites which application? Avoid the basic mistakes in battery storage systems. – Q&A

PID in the field  – PID is on the rise, what are the indications, how do you test for PID in the field? Q&A

Emerging Technology- Distributed Inverters – Our energy world is changing rapidly and new products and technologies are coming on stream at an incredible rate. Meet Sunvertec now also suitable for Battery Management. Q&A

New and Retrofit Energy Storage Solutions – Design considerations for new and retrofit residential energy storage systems using AC batteries – Q&A

Installer Session – Your say – Share your thoughts, concerns and opinion, a productive session for installers for finding answers and solutions, alternatives and support

Due to venue size places are limited and only prepaid bookings will guarantee access to the conference. For more information contact Diana on 0429 631 022 or email admin@seia.org.au

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