2017 Qld Annual Solar Installers’ Meeting cont.

A conference not to be missed. We listened to you and developed a program presenting topics that you want to know about.

More regulatory and battery storage topics:

  • Solar installations from an inspector’s perspective – what is the process, common mistakes, auditors’ main focus, reason for confidentiality and more
  • CEC – Guidelines for Battery Storage – What licence is required, how will it be enforced, are there conflicting issues between the CEC guidelines and the new battery standards, where does the Battery Storage Council fit in?
  • Tesla – all you wanted to know about Tesla’s products – Solar roof tiles and Powerwall 2 – is this technology now available in Australia ,what do installers need to know, are roof top isolators part of the installation process, will there be a central inverter , will monitoring be incorporated into each tile / module, what’s new about the Powerwall 2.
  • AC Warehouse – Rooftop DC Isolators – The problems the industry is curently facing with rooftop isolators , what is the current life expectancy of a quality brand, are there affordable options of installing systems without rooftop isolators, why are they failing, are there product or installation issues, what are the statistics
  • GenZ – A Battery management system across all inverters – Most Lithium batteries need dedicated comms from the BMS to a specifically matched inverter which limits the choice of equipment and the ability to mix and match. Radlink have have developed the GenZ range of Lithium batteries (12V, 24V and 48V) which can be connected up in the same way you would connect up a Lead-Acid battery. You can simply parallel batteries to increase both capacity and current. No comms required, just suitable charging parameters which will be provided during this presentation
  • Selectronic – On Grid Battery system for instant approval – Fighting your way through Ergon/Energex approval of a battery system can be time consuming and frustrating, Lindsay will take you through what will be given approval in terms of system design, how much PV is allowed and what happens if you don’t comply with these requirements.
  • Catch Power and Easy Warm – Power diversion – With the major reductions in the cost of PV, is it now the time to be using PV to heat our water? Options for heating water from PV include a dedicated PV system or a PV diversion system. Are either suitable for stand-alone system? Are any immersion heater systems suitable or are special tanks needed? Will they work with heat pump systems?
  • Ergon – Network issues, updates and Draft Standard 5139 – The effect and monitoring process of battery storage, Explanation of the latest standard AS4777 and its provisions for DREM. Ergon’s testing of all the latest battery technologies, what are the results, does the heat in Townsville affect battery life, what problems have been experienced, will lithium indeed be the future.
  • Solar Analytics – Monitoring equipment – A gimmick for customers or tool for solar installers, the benefits and possible applications of monitoring equipment.
  • GNB – Battery Safety – Manual handling of batteries , OH&S issues and requirements , what is the correct location as per the standard and as per manufacturers standard , what necessary permits are required when transporting and storage , maximum quantity , additional protective ppe for different battery technologies, customer awareness