Solar donation for school on Ambae

Solar Power for Vanuatu

This month St Patrick’s College will become another beneficiary of Australian Solar Installers’ generosity by receiving a free solar power system. Once more SEIA volunteers will be on their way to undertake a nightly boat trip of several hours to the remote island of Ambae to not only install a solar system from donated goods, but also improve the safety of existing electrical installations.  It only took one volunteer to trip the power supply for the whole school by switching on a kettle.

The School

St Patrick is a boarding school with approx. 300 students and the whole school is powered by diesel generators, using more than 200 l of diesel per week at the cost of $2 AUD per liter, providing a bare functioning of the school. The solar installation will minimize the running time of the generators, improve the environment by producing less green house gases, reduce the operating costs of the school therefore allowing the school to reinvest the savings into the school and improve safety for staff and students.

The Solar System

St Patrick will receive an AC coupled Off Grid Solar System with a 26.4kwh gel battery bank donated by BAE, a 5Kw SP Pro Inverter/Charger and a 4.2kw ABB string inverter donated by Australian Manufacturer Selectronic, and solar panels, fittings, and other items were donated by Australian Solar Installers.

Cash is now desperately needed – every cent goes straight into the project, no admin fees are deducted from donations.

The donated goods are waiting for us but without cash we cannot purchase the last missing items, pay for the boat transport of hardware and volunteers and return from the island. All volunteers have paid personally for their flights to Vanuatu.

Help us to help the children of Vanuatu – DONATE NOW – or check out our fund status here – Thank you.

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